AudioKlip focuses on the needs of different clients and strives to fully satisfy them. By submitting a list of services we believe that you will be contacted in such a case if you need other sound services. It is very flexible and ready to fulfill all your wishes.


radijo klipų kūrimas


1. Promotional audio clips in Lithuanian language, radio advertising in Lithuanian language, voice announcement in Lithuanian, advertisement and anonyms in Lithuanian, audio advertising for shopping centers in Lithuanian, audio announcements in Lithuanian, voice answering and any other audio advertising production services in Lithuanian speaks
2. We will create text for you in Lithuanian, we will adapt the musical background, we will addsound effects if for you need,
We will produce an original audio clip that you can use in radio stations, web sites and more.
3. Special effects for your advertising.
4. We will create a script if you need it
5. We announce, install, add effects, custom orders (for example, children's tales, etc.) in lithuania language.
6. Adjustable audio ads corection.
7. We will Create audio voice over for your video ads in lithuania language.
8. Sounding in different languages. Lithuanian , Russian , Latvian and other
9. Phone python development.


We provide services in different languages. We ensure that no other voice agency can boast of such a wide linguistic spectrum. As speakers are well versed in these languages - pronouncing natural, without any accent.

We speak in the following languages:

  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • Estonia
  • English


All audio clips, their recordings are sounded and produced with professional equipment and programs. We use professional microphones for vocals, so you get a high quality sound recording on lithuania language and other baltic voice !