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In case of additional questions, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail or Skype. We'll be happy to answer, explain and help you choose.

radijo klipų kūrimas

Order process:

  • With the specified contacts, you submit the text that you would like to make. If you do not have the text - please contact. 

  • You are writing a wishlist for an audio clip, selecting a voice or a voices, you can find them by clicking this link: .

  • The order will start immediately after your request.

The time period during which the radio advertising / audio clip / other soundtracks will be produced in baltic voices:

  • If an actor / sounder you choose is currently in the studio, the standard (radio clip, short sound) takes about an hour (in this case, if you will immediately submit the texts).

  • If your order requires more voices, there is plenty of soundtrack text that requires a special effect, etc. such work is carried out from 12:00 to 64 hours.


  • It is necessary for us to pay immediately, at the beginning you receive the work done, and we will issue an invoice with your submitted claims.

  • Payment over 2 Work days.

How can you pay for the services provided:

  • You can pay by bank transfer for the services provided.

  • Other payment methods: Paypal - applies additional fees +11 %

Do you have any questions?

  • E-mail: 

  • Skype: audio_reklama