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SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) today is one of the most sought after services. SEO is designed to optimize your website on various search pages, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. Through various strategies, a person searches for a specific phrase (keyword) in the search box to find the exact site. Accessing the first page of Google ensures the maximum amount of users, so it's a great way to increase not only brand awareness, but also increase sales.

SEO articles are just one of the many content creation services offered by AudioKlip. We provide various content creation services on your preferred topics, in accordance with all the specified terms and conditions. Together with you, we will create a high quality and efficient content for the common sense we want to convey, the tone of the company / organization.

The prices of the various services listed below are preliminary, more precise, the price is compatible by contacting the indicated contacts.


SEO ARTICLES. Designed to improve the position of a website on Google Search, written on a variety of topics, using the necessary keywords. 

300-400 words - 8eur
400-500 words - 10eur
500+ words - 12eur

TEXT FOR INTERNET PAGE. Creates a variety of text content for web sites, on various topics, for various products or services. Writing in accordance with design, company / organization image, using the necessary keywords.

150-200 words - 15eur
200-300 words – 25eur
300-400 words. – 35eur
400-500 words. – 45eur

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Creating various product descriptions for online stores.

100-200 ždž. – 7eur
200 – 400 ždž. – 12eur

TINKLARAŠČIO ĮRAŠAI/STRAIPSNIAI. Rašomi įvairūs straipsniai blog’ams (tinklaraščiams).

200-300 ždž. – 20eur
300-500 ždž. – 30eur
500-700 ždž. – 40eur
700-1000 ždž. – 50eur
1000+ ždž. – 60eur

PRANEŠIMAI SPAUDAI. Pagal užsakymą kuriami pranešimai spaudai, laikantis nurodytų reikalavimų – 48eur.

AUDIOREKLAMOS TEKSTO SUKŪRIMAS. Kuriami tekstai atsižvelgiant į produktą, įmonės/organizacijos toną bei įvaizdį.

iki 100 ždž. – 7eur
100+ ždž. – 9eur

VIDEO ĮRAŠO TEKSTAS. Kuriami tekstai video įrašams, atsižvelgiant į bendrą viziją, tikslą, norimą perteikti žinutę.

iki 100 ždž. – 15eur
100-200 ždž. – 20eur
200+ ždž. – 30eur



El.paštas: +370 624 47048

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