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About us:

Audio clips – the most effective way to become visibleÔÇŽ

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 sound recording services producing radio clips
Communication between the client and the entrepreneur is done through effective advertising! Audio clips – the cheapest, highest quality and most effective way to be noticed!

We design, sound, install and provide you with a fresh product.
Why Audio Advertising?

Audio Advertising – The Cheapest Way To Become Hearing!
Audio advertising guarantees exclusivity! What kind of advertising is good? Original, informative and eye-catching.
The spread of this advertising is particularly wide: TV, conferences, supermarkets, radio, fairs and other places where the power of word is strong.
Audio advertising has a very strong influence. Once you hear it, you want to repeat it.
Functional Duration. Audio commercials last between 15 and 30 seconds. This is the time when all the necessary information is provided, but does not bother the listener.
Audio advertising develops the listener’s imagination. Each time, depending on his mood, he will hear information from a different angle.
Advertising helps to create an uninterrupted relationship between the entrepreneur and the listener. Communication in business is essential.
3,2,1 and advertising reaches listeners! This is the most effective way to spread the message.

Become more popular and easier to discover!
Why trust us? Because we know what we are doing!

We provide our services at competitive prices. The price of quality audio advertising starts from 40 EUR.
We carry out the work expeditiously. Customer time is important to us.
We assure you that we will improve the result until the customer is satisfied.
Our team consists of different specialists who guarantee that their quality of work will not disappoint.
Creatives are original and informative.
If necessary, invoices are issued.
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Email: romas.tamosevicius@gmail.com

Voice over recording services: 

production of radio advertising:

Audio advertising on the radio is a great way to promote your products or services

Radio advertising is very effective advertising that reaches and affects a large number of people. Radio is even the second most popular medium in Lithuania – as many as two thirds of Lithuanians listen to the radio and commercials broadcast on it.

However, it is the quality of audio advertising that determines whether the listener will buy the services. Audible information in advertising must be graciously and uniquely conveyed to the listener, so creating audio clips is very important – the number of sales depends on the sound of the advertising clip.

Quality audio advertising needs to be concise, clear and well-worded, and then convince the buyer that it is worth buying one or another product or service.

Often, companies make the big mistake of putting audio advertising on the radio station itself. While people who work on radio are often professionals in their field, they are not professional advertising professionals. Audio clip production and sound recording services should be undertaken by professionals with extensive experience in the field.

We are engaged in the production of a radio audio clip – we produce the highest quality audio for you:

We record audio clips professionally – they are clear and accurate.
The audio quality is of the highest quality – no extraneous sounds or noises are heard.
We take into consideration the customer’s needs and wishes
We ensure the best quality and sound of the recording so that your radio advertising is effective and efficient.

video advertising sound services

Social media is a huge part of everyday life – it is a means of communication where people share their hobbies, news and knowledge.

However, social networking is also a great place for advertising. One of the most popular ways to get people’s attention on social media is video.

Whether for commercial or entertainment purposes, your video quality must be excellent in order to attract as many viewers or buyers as possible. Viewers may lose interest in the video when they cannot understand the information conveyed in the video clip or the extraneous sounds they hear disturb the listener.

We provide a variety of video recording and voice over recording services. We record different types of clips:

Facebook Video Clip Audio Services
Youtube Video Advertising Audio
Recording a TV video clip
Sound recording of the advertisement
Framed voice
Video advertising sound
We also provide other video or text sound services.

Video audio services are highly dependent on the client’s preference – we can perform video audio services for various social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other soc. networks.

telephone answering service voice over 

The best way to effectively handle incoming calls is to use telephone answering machines

Ringing the answering machine ensures that no customer calls are missed.

Calls are distributed to the agents responsible for certain topics, thus avoiding time wastage and providing information faster and more efficiently.

Telephone answering machines help to create telebanking, telemarketing, automated card or bill service, thus improving the quality of service.

We provide answering machine (IVR) and answering machine services.

We have professional equipment and many years of experience in audio commercials, audio clips, autoresponders. We select the most appropriate voices for announcers and ensure the audio is of the highest quality – without any interference or other extraneous sounds.

We carry out answering machines for private and corporate phones.

Creating autoresponders includes:

Automatic voice greeting
Automatic notifications
Information messages (for example, account balancing, card expiration)
We take into account the wishes and needs of the customer, and strive to achieve the best possible results and ensure the highest quality of answering machine recording.

audio services in other languages

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s life. People spend a lot of time watching videos or reading articles on platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Instragram or Facebook. This makes social networks a great platform for advertising.

One of the best promotional tools is video. Video clips attract a lot of attention and potential buyers, so the sound of video and audio commercials is important for every successful advertisement.

However, for video advertising to be flawless, the video quality must be excellent. Often people may lose interest if the video contains obscure extraneous sounds or if the words are difficult to understand.

In addition, if you want to attract foreign buyers, you need to take care of the audio quality of your video ads in foreign languages.

We provide TV commercials, audio commercials, Youtube, Facebook and other social media advertising services. We conduct advertising in various foreign languages:

Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Latvian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Australian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Serbian, Romunu, Uzbek, and many other languages.

Sound clip production services depend on the wishes of the client – we can create advertisements for various social networks. We only sound with the text provided by the client.


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